We are constantly working to improve your experience, here is a summary of what has changed.

FilterWP V.2.1.1 – 10-11-2022

  • Fix: Issue with Oxygen Repeater not compatible with the previous version of FilterWP

OXygen Addon V.2.0.2 – 27-07-2022

  • Fix: Issue with some users seeing scrambled text with their Oxygen repeater data

OXygen Addon V.2.0.1 – 22-06-2022

  • Compatibility with Oxygen 4.0

V.2.0.2 – 22-06-2022

  • Added features for drilled down categories

V.2.0.1(BETA) – 02-03-2022

  • Patch for List Filtering

V.2.0(BETA) – 01-03-2022

  • Multi Top Row Filtering
  • Date Picker Filter


  • Pills functionality updated

V.1.4.7- 30-10-2021

  • Filtering for ACF relationship fields

V.1.4.6- 28-10-2021

  • Added option to change clear all labels for pills.

V.1.4.5- 22-09-2021

  • HotFix For broken checkboxes and icons on some font sizes.

V.1.4.4- 06-09-2021

  • Added support for the multi-level category in filters

V.1.4.3- 27-08-2021

  • Fixed: One column appearing for second FilterWP instance on the same page

V.1.3 Oxygen Addon

  • Fixed: Special character issue inside the Oxygen Editor

V.1.4.2- 10-08-2021

  • Fixed: Issue with some special characters not rendering in cards.

V.1.4.1- 10-08-2021

  • Radio buttons not behaving like radios in the hierarchical filter list
  • Slugs being written in the pills instead of the labels

V.1.4 – 06-08-2021

  • Show Pills for your E-Commerce Filters (option to display on top or left bar)
  • Make custom filtered Galleries add buttons/link Filters
  • Get more control on your styling turn off FilterWP fonts (to use default theme fonts) from the settings panel
  • Improvement: Updated CSS units to rem in order to display font sizes consistent with the theme

V.1.3 – 21-07-2021

  • Filter type: Range (slider & combo)
  • Filter type: Color (swatches, customization & more)
  • Hierarchical display for taxonomies
  • New styling options for filters
  • Edit visibility & labels of filter options
  • Edit Search box placeholder copy
  • Customized CSS scope should not apply to selectors starting with .filterwp

V.1.2 – 27-05-2021

  • Metabox Compatibility.
  • Module type (Custom Code HTML/PHP), to display custom content in the sidebar/top bar.
  • Gutenberg Block for FilterWP.
  • Filter Delay option
  • Browser Caching
  • Admin UI: Display Module ‘type’ in the sidebar/top bar for modules, that has blank labels.
  • Fixed: Meta values for non-published posts will not display in the filter’s options lists.

V.1.1.5 – 13-05-2021

  • FilterWP can now use default page query in case of Archive pages.
  • Language: Added the Portuguese language.

Oxygen Addon V.1.2 – 13-05-2021

  • FilterWP can now use default page query in case of Archive pages.
  • Language: Added the Portuguese language.

V.1.1.4 – 10-05-2021

  • Human readable URLs
  • Better loading indicator
  • Editable ‘No results found’ message, supports HTML
  • Sorter: Editable default label
  • Mobile button labels are now editable
  • Fixed: Translations not working
  • Fixed: PHP warning about WPDB prepare
  • Fixed: Flash of un-styled content
  • Fixed: Special characters in the options lists breaking filters
  • Fixed: Spaces before taxonomy names breaking filters
  • Fixed: Error on activation; specific to php7.2
  • Fixed: CSS Scope for Custom CSS

Oxygen Addon V.1.1 – 10-05-2021

  • Fixed: PHP warning about WPDB prepare

V.1.1.3 – 01-05-2021

  • JSON input for WP Query parameters.
  • Filter Logic enhancement
  • Filtering out blank meta values from the filter’s options list
  • Fixed: Pressing Enter key in the FilterWP editor reloads the page.
  • The WooCommerce default card’s ‘add to cart’ button now adds to cart.
  • Fixed: Gutenberg error on FilterWP shortcode save.

V.1.1.2 – 29-04-2021

  • Ajax mode now fetches only the updated HTML
  • Removed plugin directory version postfix
  • ACF array fields support
  • Filter logic made abstract in the UI
  • Empty taxonomy terms hidden from the filter lists
  • Disabled scroll to top on Ajax update
  • Hover state fix for touch devices

V.1.1.1 – 25-04-2021

  • Custom cards duplication process
  • Hover state fix for touch devices

V.1.1.0 – 25-04-2021

  • UI modules were showing disabled
  • Mobile trigger center aligned

V.1.0 – 25-04-2021

  • Product Launch 🎉